Windows 10 Update Notice
Updating to Windows 10 may cause this software to lose communication with your display--you may not be able to access all of the features.

The cause: In some cases, the Windows 10 updating process reverts the video graphics driver to a generic version, not one made specifically for your computer.

The solution: Update your video graphics drive to the latest version. Visit the website of your computer's video graphic vendor to get the latest driver:

Technicolor Color Certified

Note: Available on select models only.

Changes the display characteristics according to the user's preference. Choose from Technicolor, Multimedia, Text, Movie, Photo, Gaming, and HP Enhance+. Custom mode creates a preset when making adjustments to Brightness, Contrast, or White Point settings while in Movie, Photo, or Gaming modes. A preset will be stored with these custom settings that can be accessed when selecting Custom.

The Technicolor setting insures that the color performance of this device adheres to the color quality standards followed by the Hollywood movie industry. Watch film and videos as the artist intended, view photos the way they were captured, and shop online with confidence in the displays color reproduction.