Windows 10 Update Notice
Updating to Windows 10 may cause this software to lose communication with your display--you may not be able to access all of the features.

The cause: In some cases, the Windows 10 updating process reverts the video graphics driver to a generic version, not one made specifically for your computer.

The solution: Update your video graphics drive to the latest version. Visit the website of your computer's video graphic vendor to get the latest driver:

Supported Hardware

  • HP EliteOne 800 (series)
  • HP EliteOne 700 (series)
  • HP ProOne 600 (series)
  • HP ProOne 400 (series)
  • HP Envy Recline (series)
  • HP Envy (series)
  • HP Compaq Pro 8300 (series)
  • HP Compaq Pro 6300 (series)
  • HP Compaq Pro 4300 (series)
  • HP Compaq 6000 Pro
  • HP Z1 Workstation
  • HP Omni (series)
  • HP TouchSmart 310 (series)
  • HP TouchSmart 610 (series)
  • HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite