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About MobileForge

MobileForge is a free pattern generator app for iOS, Android, and Fire TV devices. MobileForge generates accurate test patterns automatically on your mobile device, controlled by Calman

MobileForge provides free, accurate test patterns to those using Calman software for display measurement and calibration.

MobileForge enables accurate, reliable screen measurements to test how accurately your mobile device displays photos, videos and other digital content. Use MobileForge with Calman to test your tablet or smartphone’s conformance to industry standards, with over a hundred different X-Rite/Pantone ColorChecker® test colors, representative of naturally occurring colors such as foliage and skin tones.

The MobileForge test patterns can also be controlled by Calman to test or calibrate the HDMI input of an external TV or video monitor.

Note: For external screen patterns, SpectraCal currently recommends using MobileForge with an Amazon Fire TV device or with an iOS mobile device mirrored to an Apple TV.

Calman Supported Software

  • Version 5.4.2 or newer for full range PC levels (0-255) (mobile device screen patterns)
  • Version 5.5.0 or newer for SMPTE video levels (16-235) (external video screen patterns)
  • Calman Home
  • Calman Studio
  • Calman Video Pro
  • Calman Ultimate

iOS Device Required Version

  • Version 7.0 or newer

Android Device Required Version

  • Version 4.0.3 or newer

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