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About the Aurora Color Engine

To accompany the launch of Calman 2021, we are excited to announce the new Aurora Color Engine. The Aurora Color Engine was built from the ground up using the latest color science research to make your calibrations fast, easy and more accurate. Designed for cutting-edge SDR, HDR and WCG calibrations, the Aurora Color Engine provides workflow-driven 3D LUTs and eliminates display banding and posterization.

Aurora Color Engine Details:

  • Completely new color engine built from the ground up using the latest color science research
  • Next generation Unity Grayscale technology for 3D LUT neutral spline bypass when using a 1D LUT + 3D LUT for calibration
  • New 3D LUT technology reduces or eliminates posterization and banding
  • Improved MatrixLUT formula for calibration
  • Added new 13pt fixed grid option patch set
  • Support for these patchsets: (MatrixLUT, LightningLUT, Fixed Grid 9pt, 13pt, 17pt, 21pt) IRP is not supported

Aurora Color Engine Supported Displays:


  • ProArt Monitors (SDR/HDR when supported by display)


  • PV270/SW270C/SW271C/SW321C (SDR)


  • UltraSharp UP3221Q 3D LUT (USB) (SDR/HDR)


  • 2018
    • Alpha 9
      • C8, E8, G8, W8, 2019
    • Alpha 7 G2 NanoCell
  • 2019
    • Alpha 7
      • B9
    • Alpha 9 G2
      • R9 Z9 W9 W9S E9 C9 NanoCell SM99
  • 2020
    • Alpha 7 G3
      • BX, NANO090, NANO085
    • Alpha 9 G3
      • CX GX WX ZX, NANO99, NANO097, NANO095
  • 2021
    • Alpha 9 G4
      • C1, G1, M1, R1, Z1,QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, NANO95, LG PRO OLED

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