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Calman Client3 and Windows Display Scaling

Microsoft Windows provides a capability of scaling the size of all text and graphics on the desktop. This is especially helpful on high-resolution displays that otherwise produce very small desktop icons and text.

However, when Client 3 renders test patterns to a scaled display, the Client 3 test pattern is larger than the screen and offset to the lower-right, so pattern measurement points aren’t in their expected location and can possibly be entirely off the screen.


There are two possible workarounds to the Client 3 test patterns being scaled improperly.

  1. Disable Windows scaling during calibration and then re-enable scaling after calibration.
    1. A display’s calibration results will be the same whether measurements are taken from a scaled or non-scaled screen. The Windows scaling controls are located in the following locations.
      • Windows 7, 8.1 – Control PanelDisplay
      • Windows 10 – SettingsDisplay
  2. Select Full Field 100% test patterns for Client 3.
    • The display screen will be filled with the desired color or grayscale level, even though part of the pattern is actually off screen. This works for electronic measurement patterns, but not for visual evaluation patterns.


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