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Known Device Limitations with MobileForge

Apple iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, when used with a video output adapter, supports only video output, not still images.  While the iPhone 4 does support MobileForge for measuring the iPhone 4 screen, it does not produce test patterns to an external video screen.

The iPhone 4s, however, does output still images through a video output adapter and does support MobileForge for measuring or calibrating an external video screen.

Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter

The Apple lightning to HDMI adapter converts grayscale levels accurately, but does not provide bit-accurate colors.

Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6/Edge has no provision for a physical video output connection. The S6 does support streaming to a Google Chromecast device to stream MobileForge test patterns to an HDMI input on an external video screen.

Smart TV Streaming Apps

When MobileForge test patterns are streamed directly into the streaming app on a smart TV, the test patterns bypass the display’s physical video inputs. Thus, the display’s HDMI video inputs cannot be calibrated with MobileForge test patterns sent directly to the smart TV’s built-in streaming app.

Also, the smart TV may or may not have calibration controls for the display’s streaming app input.

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