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Setup and Use of Client3 HDR


  • Window 10 Version:
    • PC with External HDR Monitor:  Min ver. 1803 , Rec. ver. 1809 or newer
    • Laptop with HDR Panel:  Min ver. 1809 ,  Rec. ver. 1903
  • Client3 v4.0.0.23 or higher
  • Calman (Ultimate License Level) v5.10.2 or higher
  • HDR10 Compatible GPU from AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA with latest drivers installed.
  • Calman must be running on a separate display from the unit under test.
    • The pattern generator will display in full screen. If Calman is running on the same unit as is being tested, you will lose the ability to control Calman.

Note: HDR pattern generation for PC display validation only. Client3 HDR calibration not supported.

Setup on PC system under test:

  • Install Client3 on the system you would like to test. Please reboot system after installing Client3.

Windows Display Settings:

  • If the PC running Client 3 HDR has multiple monitors, displays must be in Extended Mode, not Mirrored Mode
  • The HDR display you would like to test needs to be configured as Display 1
  • For the correct test pattern bit levels to be rendered, your GPU needs to be configured for Full Range (0-255) output to the HDR display.
  • You must enable HDR in the windows display settings for the display you would like to measure.

Calman Steps

  • To Connect Calman 2019 R3 to the Client3 HDR Generator…
    • On the Source Settings tab, click the Find Source button.
    • Choose Mfg: SpectraCal, Model: Calman Client 3 Pattern Generator HDR
  • Once connected to Client 3 Pattern Generator HDR, a test pattern window will display on the machine running Client 3 HDR. 
  • The in the Source Settings tab enable the checkbox that says HDR Fullscreen, this will cause the test pattern window to go into Windows Full Screen Exclusive Mode
  • You are now ready to take HDR measurement in Calman using an HDR workflow like the HDR Toolkit