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Sharp Elite

The Sharp Elite display provides controls to calibrate two point or 10-point grayscale. It also provides controls to calibrate the CMS primary and secondary color gamut. 2-Point and 10-Point grayscale calibrations, and AutoCAL for the Sharp Elite displays

Calman Required Version

Version 5.1.1, build 1188 or later

Calman Recommended Workflows

Home Enthusiast or SI Advanced workflow to optimize Elite Picture controls and calibrate grayscale and CMS controls.

Sharp Elite Required Firmware

Any version is acceptable

Sharp Elite Control Ports

The Sharp Elite can be connected to a computer for calibration control using one of the following ports.

  • RS-232 port – DB-9 female to DB-9 female null-modem cable (pin2 to pin3, pin3 to pin2)
  • Ethernet port – straight through (standard) cable
  • Wi-Fi Wireless

Sharp Elite Connection to Computer

  • Connect with a serial cable
    • Connect a DB9 female to DB9 female straight through RS-232 cable between the display and the Calman computer. (If necessary, use a 3.5mm jack to DB9 female adapter and/or a USB to serial converter.)
  • Connect with a wired or wireless network connection
    • Connect both the display and the Calman computer to a DHCP-capable network router with straight through Ethernet cables, OR, connect the Calman computer to a wireless network to which the display is already connected.
      • In the Sharp main MENU, select Initial Setup -> Internet Setup -> Network Setup -> Connection Type -> Wired (for direct Ethernet connection), or Wireless (for wireless Wi-Fi connection).
      • In the Sharp main MENU, select Initial Setup -> Internet Setup -> Network Setup -> IP Setup, then record the IP Address.
      • In the Sharp main MENU, select Initial Setup -> Internet Setup -> Network Setup -> IP Control Setup, then select Change, then Enable, then Next.
      • On the resulting IP Login screen, make sure the Username and Password fields are blank, then select Next.
      • Make sure the Port number is set to 10002, then select Next.
      • On the resulting confirmation screen, select OK.

Calman Connection to Sharp Elite

In Calman, under “Find Display,” select “Sharp – 2011 Elite (RS-232, Ethernet).”

  • Serial Connection
    • Under “Connection Method,” select “COMM.”
    • Under “Serial Connection,” select the com port connected to the display.
    • Click Connect on the Find Display dialog.
  • Ethernet Connection
    • Under “Connection Method,” select “Socket.”
    • Under “Socket Connection,” enter the Sharp’s IP Address that you previously recorded.
    • Click Connect on the Find Display dialog.
  • On the Calman Display Control panel, under Active Grayscale Points, select “10 pt.”

Sharp Elite DDC Picture Controls

Sharp picture controls (i.e. Brightness, Contrast, etc.) are available within the Calman software, allowing you to make display adjustments in the software, rather than using the display’s remote control.

On those calibration workflow steps where you need to make a manual display adjustment, you can open the Calman DDC panel to make those adjustments from the Calman screen. On the Display Settings tab, click the Open DDC Window button, then scroll to the Display Controls panel to access the display adjustments.

Sharp Elite Display Setup

Turn off the display’s Intelligent Variable Contrast (local dimming) while calibrating the display.

After the display has been calibrated, Intelligent Variable Contrast can be turned back on, if desired.

Calman AutoCal Calibration

Prior to Calman Grayscale AutoCal, set the display’s Contrast control to 80.
When AutoCal is complete, reset the Contrast control to the optimum setting previously determined on the Dynamic Range step.

Color and Tint

In the ISF mode, the Sharp’s Color and Tint controls are disabled in Calman, since the Colorbar test pattern is a three color tool that doesn’t work properly on a four color display (RGBY) such as the Sharp.

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