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Panel Inspection 

Each display panel will be physically examined in our factory and classified as three level: Pass, Tunable and Fail. Only the display panel rated as Pass or Tunable will be used for further laptop assembly, promising more precise color reproduction.

Factory Calibration

We will calibrate those display panels rated as pass and tunable with the professional calibrator provided by Portrait Display on our production line, ensuring the most accurate color reproduction.

Software Integration

The calibrated profiles will be inputted into the hidden storage partition of laptops. Once you power on the laptops, the built-in True Color app will automatically apply the profiles to the displays and you will be favored with the most precise color out-of-box. Besides providing accurate color, the exclusive True Color app also allows you switching between different color spaces or re-calibrate the display with popular calibrators, bringing greater convenience.

Calman Verified: Top-of-the-Line Color Accuracy

Portrait Displays’ Calman Verified solutions make it easy to experience professional-grade color out-of-the-box. The Calman Verified certification ensures that MSI displays have undergone meticulous testing and calibration, meeting the recommended technical specifications and international standards for exceptional color accuracy. With Calman Verified, users can trust in MSI's commitment to delivering precise color reproduction, allowing for an immersive and true-to-life visual experience. Discover a world of vibrant creativity brought to you by MSI’s Calman Verified displays. 

Learn More About True Pixel & True Color

True Color True Pixel
Factory Calibration Yes Yes
Color Gamut ≧ sRGB 100% ≧ P3 100%
Resolution ≧ FHD ≧ QHD
Built-in True Color App Yes Yes
Color Accuracy Requirement Delta-E < 2
Color Certification Calman Verified
Calibration Report Bundled Yes

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