Verified Displays for Content Creation and Consumption

Consumers’ color standards are becoming increasingly sophisticated, in great part due to display technology advancements. Portrait understands the immense role that color plays in all aspects of life, especially when viewing content on a wide variety of displays. Color professionals rely on color-accurate displays while creating content to ensure that their creation is displayed exactly as intended. From the creation of the first frame, to the consumption of content, a Calman Verified display signals to consumers and color professionals alike, a color accurate experience for a multitude of viewing activities.

The Competitive Edge

In a highly-competitive market space, consumers are seeking fully-featured displays with accurate color right out of the box. The Calman Verified branding program is the ideal solution for product differentiation. Consumers desire the assurance that their purchase comes with the best viewing experience possible, which largely involves amazing, accurate color. With a Calman Verified display, consumers are presented with a viewing experience that stays true to the creators artistic intent.

Online Purchasing

From vehicle purchases to clothing, online shopping has revolutionized the way consumers purchase products of all types. Purchase decisions are often based on color, and when the color is incorrect for the item purchased, a return is the likely outcome. A Calman Verified display communicates to consumers that the display can be trusted to produce colors that are accurate and true.

The Perfect Picture

Taking the perfect picture is only half of the highly-rewarding process of photography. Editing photos after the fact is the last step in capturing that moment in all of its glory. Frustration can often begin once a photo is loaded onto your display and looks completely different than what was captured. With a Calman Verified display, consumers can trust that what they captured will be presented in the highest-level of color accuracy possible.