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Portrait Displays Reseller Program

Join the Portrait Displays team as a certified reseller for Calman software and Portrait Displays hardware.

Portrait Displays’ customers depend on resellers not only to purchase products through their organization, but to speak with their employees that have understanding of products, ability to focus on the customer’s needs, their reliability, and much more. A reseller of Portrait Displays is expected to understand the features and benefits of products as well as recommending specific solutions when resolving a customer’s business challenges.

Portrait Displays relies on its reseller community to be in a position to meet customer requirements and to do so in a competent manner. Certified Resellers, the leading level of resellers, are qualified by having met stringent certification criteria and continue to have a committed approach to satisfying customers’ needs. Certified Resellers are expected to maintain a level of positive representation for Portrait Displays and its products.

Portrait Displays’ Certified Resellers Program outlines the benefits and obligations applicable to each reseller level and provides resellers with the option in deciding the level of commitment they wish to sign up for. Joining the Certified Resellers Program will help resellers build their business, become a trusted resource of Portrait Displays’ expertise and products, and take part in a growing number of display solutions.

Reseller Levels

There are two main types of Resellers:

Certified Resellers, organizations who wish to attain and demonstrate a high degree of expertise in working with Portrait Displays. This level of reseller demonstrates to customers that they have met technical and commercial requirements in order to represent Portrait Displays and its products effectively.

Resellers, organizations of varying levels of expertise, who intend to sell Portrait Displays products and solutions to their customers in a limited fashion. Resellers are entry level representatives as a part of the Portrait Displays Certified Resellers Program.

Certified Reseller Benefits

In addition to the benefits provided to Resellers, benefits of becoming a Certified Reseller include:

  • An increased sales margin on Portrait Displays products.
  • Being a part of joint marketing opportunities which include being featured on Portrait Displays’ reseller web page section.
  • Being classified as a strategic partner of Portrait Displays whose employees have undergone training, investment, and actively promote Portrait Displays’ products. Portrait Displays will refer leads in their respective regions and will work jointly to meet customers’ needs.
  • Receiving an on-boarding packet that includes Portrait Displays assets, a branding guide, and information on backlinking to Portrait Displays’ website.
  • Receiving a Certified Reseller price list, which is provided by Portrait Displays on a monthly basis. This will also include “insider information” to have insight into Portrait news, product updates, etc. before being released to the general public.
  • Receiving the latest marketing and sales presentations as well as the ability to schedule meetings with the Portrait Displays’ sales team to review and stay current on Portrait Displays’ products.

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