Razer brand blade laptop family

Elevate your visual experience with Calman-verified Razer Blades – vibrant displays, calibrated for gamers, creators, and content consumers.

Color Science Meets Gaming Prowess

Working in collaboration with Portrait Displays, the all-new Razer Blades feature Calman Verification to provide gamers, creators, and general content consumers with colorful displays, calibrated to industry standards out of the box. Experience watching movies or playing games with vibrant and immersive scenes as the creator intended.  

Calman Verified Razer Blades

Whether you’re on the go or a stationary power user, there’s a Razer Blade with a Calman Verified display built to fit your style.

Razer Blade 14

Razer Blade 16

Tested & Inspected

To achieve the most accurate color experience, each panel is examined in advance to ensure it meets Portrait Displays’ standards before being calibrated. Only panels receiving a pass or tunable rating are used for the Razer Blades, guaranteeing a high-quality color experience.

Precision Tuned

Approved displays are individually calibrated based on the characteristics of the panel to align with Portrait Displays’ standards and provide you with the best out-of-the-box experience.

                                         Synapse Integration

Through Razer Synapse, quickly switch between a variety of profiles to find a color space that suits your needs. Custom profiles are stored within a hidden partition of the Razer Blade so whether you’re upgrading or restoring your storage, the calibration remains.

Create with Confidence

Individually tuned, each Razer Blade features a unique calibration report which can be viewed within Razer Synapse, providing a detailed breakdown of your panel’s color specifications.