Calman Integrated Solutions

Calman integrated solutions help display and device manufacturers differentiate their products in a way that’s easily recognizable by the consumer. Portraits’ integrated solutions programs provide demonstrable added value beyond the usual factors of resolution, screen size, and price. Now, display and device manufacturers can assure their customers that what is shown on the screen is exactly what was intended by the content creator.

  • Product differentiation
  • Adherence to industry specifications
  • Software for color gamut tuning and display control
  • Branding mark that distinguishes quality


To the Display

  • Brand recognition
  • Differentiation element
  • Price-point justification

To the

  • Purchase decision guidance
  • Content viewing enhancement
  • Price-point understanding

Calman Integrated Solutions

Pushing the Boundaries of What's Possible with Color

Integrated Solutions for a Superior Viewing Experience

Calman Verified

Communicates to the consumer that the display has been measured and verified using Calman. Consumers who purchase a Calman Verified product can have confidence that their device is performing as the manufacturer intended and at the highest-level of color accuracy.

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Calman Ready

Calman Ready displays and devices communicate directly with Calman color calibration software. Devices that are Calman Ready can connect directly with Calman software and leverage the fast, accurate, and in many cases, automated capabilities of Calman.

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Calman Powered

All of the speed and accuracy that Calman consumers expect, built directly into the display or device. The powerful Calman color engine integrates directly into the display or device providing a customized solution with optimized features and a minimal footprint for the best color experience on Calman Powered devices.

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