Harness the Power of Calman's Color Calibration Engine

Portrait Displays’ Calman color calibration software is the leading choice for display calibration by color professionals in broadcast, production, and post-production, as well as the most popular calibration solution for home theater consumers. Calman Powered devices utilize a fully self-contained version of Calman’s color calibration engine which has been custom tailored to the display or device manufacturer’s exact specifications. Regardless of the desired feature set, Portrait is ready to assist display and device manufacturers in creating a viewing experience for consumers that is just right.


Maximum Flexibility with Calman

Portraits’ Calman color calibration engine is equipped to handle all tasks surrounding incredible, optimized color. The Calman color calibration engine leverages all of the features within a Calman powered device, including 1D/3D LUTs, HDR, custom color settings such as low-blue light, and more. Portrait works collaboratively with each manufacturer to ensure that the feature set in their Calman Powered device is exactly what consumers desire.

Optimized Color, Simplified

A typical display color calibration involves three major components. These major components consist of a measurement device (meter), a video test pattern generator, and calibration software. With a Calman Powered device, Portrait works with each display and device manufacturer to reduce the number of external components needed for color calibration. Portrait can assist in integrating all needed components for color calibration directly into the display or device, further simplifying the calibration process and offering added features to create a personalized viewing experience for consumers.

Custom Calibration Solutions for PCs

Display and device manufacturers are seeking ways to increase consumer satisfaction by offering more features than their competitors. As consumers’ color standards become increasingly sophisticated, in great part due to display technology advancements, Portrait can assist in creating a personalized viewing experience beyond the standard on-screen menu options.