Color Accurate Gaming

Calibrated Color for a Competitive Advantage 

frustrated person playing video games

Is Your Gaming Setup Holding You Back? 

Sick of being outmaneuvered and wondering why others always have an edge?

Calman calibrated gaming laptops, monitors, and TVs deliver unparalleled color precision for immersive visual experiences.

Accurate colors can improve visibility – helping you spot opponents faster – even in dark or low-contrast scenes, so you can react more quickly and precisely.

Whether you’re exploring fantastic worlds or fighting intense battles, every detail counts. With Calman, have confidence that you’re viewing the game the way its creators intended.

Uncalibrated vs Calibrated

Calibration Makes a World of Difference 

At Portrait Displays, we ensure color presents beautifully on screens of all sizes.

By combining the latest in color science with advanced display control, we work with device manufacturers to uphold color quality every step of the way.

Our Calman color calibration software is the most popular color solution used by game developers and hardware providers, such as, Activision, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Acer, ASUS, Benq, MSI, Razer, and more.

Gaming Laptops: Brilliant Color On-the-Go 

We make it easy to experience professional-grade color straight out of the box with Calman Verified gaming laptops.

Calman Verified laptops are calibrated at the factory to recommended technical color specifications and international color standards for an unmatched gaming experience.

Gaming Monitors and TVs 

Gaming on a monitor or TV and everything looks too dark? Feeling like the visuals didn’t live up to your expectations?

Portrait Displays offers several calibration solutions to bring your monitor or TV up to par. For DIYers, Calman Home makes at-home calibration as easy as 1-2-3.

Prefer to leave it to the Pros? Calibration-as-a-Service is offered at electronics retail stores around the world. For a low cost, a trained professional calibrates your device at home or right there in the store when you buy it.