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Designed for Creators 

The AOC U3 Graphic Pro is meticulously crafted for professionals who demand nothing but the best in visual fidelity and design. Whether you're editing high-resolution photos, crafting videos, or developing software, this monitor is your gateway to flawless creative execution. It's not just a monitor; it's an essential partner in your creative journey. 

Award-Winning Design 

Proud recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, the AOC U3 Graphic Pro boasts a sleek, frameless design on all four sides, enhancing your space with its modern aesthetics and providing a seamless visual experience that feels boundless.

Vesa Certified DisplayHDR™ 400  

VESA Certified DisplayHDR™ 400 delivers a significant step up from regular SDR displays. Unlike other 'HDR compatible' screens, true DisplayHDR™ 400 produces astonishing contrast and brightness; with a color peak brightness of up to 400 nits. Images come to life with notable highlights while featuring deeper, more nuanced blacks, and a fuller palette of rich new colors. 

An Immersive Visual Experience 

The AOC U3 Graphic Pro Monitor covers 98% of the DCI P3 color space, making it ideal for graphic and photo editing as it can reproduce more shades of red and green than a standard sRGB monitor.  Delta E <2 color accuracy means superior, accurate color reproduction, surpassing what the human eye can perceive.

Streamlined Connectivity

Embrace simplicity with a versatile USB-C port that supports high-resolution video via DisplayPort ALT Mode and charges your device simultaneously. With USB 3.2 for ultra-fast data transfers, HDMI for pristine 4K content, and DisplayPort for comprehensive digital connectivity, you’re equipped for any task.

Exceptional Color Accuracy 

Equipped to interface seamlessly with Portrait Displays’ Calman® software, the AOC U3 ensures your colors are not only accurate but consistently so, using advanced 3D LUT hardware calibration that surpasses traditional ICC profiles in precision.

Your brand-new Calman Ready AOC display allows for easy, precise, and quick calibrations leveraging Calman’s automatic calibration capabilities – AutoCal™– providing tailored viewing experiences for films, TV shows, and various media forms.

Designed for Comfort

The AOC U3 monitor comes with an adjustable stand, featuring height, tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and ergonomic setup throughout your workday.

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