Color Enhancement Solutions

As a global leader in color display solutions, companies look to Portrait to push the boundaries of what’s possible with color – regardless of the display technology. We partner with the largest display and device manufacturers worldwide to provide solutions that enhance the viewing experience. Portrait continually utilizes advanced science principles to create solutions that bring color to life.

Why Us?

To the Display

  • Brand recognition
  • Differentiation element
  • Price-point justification

To the

  • Purchase decision guidance
  • Content viewing enhancement
  • Price-point understanding

Customized Viewing Experience

Advance Color Technologies

Portrait works with display and device manufacturers to maximize the features and performance of any display or device, further adding to the color experience. An infinite number of choices are available: from providing a highly-saturated look without effecting facial tones, or creating an entirely unique look resulting in a personalized viewing experience for their consumers.

Optimized Viewing in Any Environment

Consumers absorb digital content on a wide range of devices each day, which can cause issues if a display or device isn’t optimized for certain viewing environments. Digital content can appear too dark or too light, depending on the environment in which the content is being viewed. Display and device manufacturers look to Portrait to enhance the viewing experience regardless of the environmental challenges. Portrait specializes in the latest viewing modes and can custom tailor a viewing experience that is unique to each manufacturer’s specifications.


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