Color Calibration Simplified

Color calibration can be time consuming, especially if calibrating a multitude of displays. With a Calman Ready display, conducting a color calibration can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to a pure manual calibration approach. Portrait collaborates with display and device manufacturers to create a direct connection environment between the display and Calman software. This communication enables a direct connection with Calman software and leverages the fast, accurate, and in many cases, automated, capabilities of Calman.

Calman AutoCal™

Calman’s AutoCal feature reduces the time spent calibrating a display compared to a pure manual approach. Conducting a manual display calibration involves multiple inputs via the display’s remote or onboard controls on the display. With Calman’s AutoCal feature, much of the calibration workflow process is automated and completed by Calman, and very few adjustments are needed by the consumer. In addition to being much faster than a manual calibration, AutoCal delivers much more consistent and reliable results.

Seamless Integration

With numerous choices of display devices available for purchase by consumers, manufacturers are seeking ways to bring color accuracy and customizability to the forefront of their product’s feature set. With Calman Ready products, consumers immediately recognize that Calman color calibration software can interface seamlessly with the display or device.

Market Expansion

Display and device manufacturers that offer Calman Ready products gain access to markets that may not have been easily accessible before. Calman Ready devices can easily integrate into an existing environment that already utilizes Calman as the color calibration solution, opening up opportunities for the manufacturer, and easing the buying decision for the consumer. Every Calman Ready product is listed in Calman professional software licenses, ensuring that consumers can can take full advantage of the calibration features offered with each Calman Ready display or device.