Why Calibration as a Service (CaaS)?

With millions of displays sold each year, the potential market for customized display products is unlimited. Portrait Displays offers retailers the ultimate turn-key solution with Calibration as a Service (CaaS), a partnership that helps boost additional profit with its easy-to-implement calibration technologies and extensive training program.

  • A one-stop, turn-key solution
  • Easy to implement
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Provides measurable results

Key Benefits & Features

For you, the retailer

  • No upfront implementation costs
  • Immediate revenue streams
  • Opportunities to up-sell
  • Build customer loyalty and advocacy

For your customers

  • Elevated in-store experience
  • Uniquely customized TVs
  • Optimized image quality
  • Lens to living room experience

From Lens to Living Room

What is Calman™?

Portrait Displays’ Calman color calibration software is the go-to program for optimizing display devices in Hollywood studios and other high-profile editing environments. Your customers can now experience incomparable picture quality in their own homes with Calman Ready television models or in-store calibration services.

Calman Color Calibration Provides:

  • Enhanced retail workflows
  • Streamlined usability
  • Automated calibrations (AutoCal)
  • The highest quality of service

What is the Calman Academy?

Portrait Displays will not leave you and your staff in the dark – training is a crucial part of implementing CaaS. Your staff will be trained by our highly qualified Calman Certified Calibration Specialists to ensure that they can proficiently and knowledgeably utilize Calman software and maintain quality service across all stores.

During Calman Academy Training, You Will:

  • Learn how to color calibrate a multitude of display technologies
  • Become technically knowledgeable in HD, 4K, 8K, HDR, and more
  • Receive a certificate of attendance
  • Be a part of the official Calman Certified Partner Program

Read More About Training

Why You Should Partner With Us

Portrait Displays’ Calibration as a Service (CaaS) program is the perfect tool to drive sales and build customer loyalty in the digital age. Consumers can purchase pre-calibrated TVs in-store or watch the process unfold right in front of their eyes, all because of your ability to deliver a lens to living room experience and increase the value of their purchase with personalized add-ons.

Partnering with Portrait Displays:

  • Differentiates you from other retailers, online and in-store
  • Provides our expertise acquired from long-standing
    partnerships with leading TV manufacturers
  • Boosts revenue and profit
  • Helps to keep customers in the stores
  • Drives customer loyalty and advocacy

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