G1 Pattern Generator

Affordable. Easy. Dependable.

Meet the G1

An affordable easy-to-use pattern generator that pairs perfectly with all licenses of Calman. The G1 eliminates the need for complex setups and extensive user involvement. This turn-key approach redefines the calibration process, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Easy Calibration for All 

Affordability & Versatility 

The compact, hand-held G1 generates bit-accurate, reference-level 4K video test patterns via HDMI. It dynamically generates any color patch Calman requests, making calibration a breeze. The G1 supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, ensuring compatibility with the latest display technologies. 

Calibrate with Confidence

Stay ahead of industry changes with the G1. Receive updates through Calman, adapting to evolving formats, standards emerging protocols, and user feedback.
Field upgradability means as display technologies evolve, your G1 evolves with them. 

The World’s First Entry-Level Turnkey Calibration Solution 

Key Features

Precision Anywhere, Anytime 

Experience color accuracy on the go with the G1— No matter where you are, your calibration journey stays within arm's reach, making the G1 the ultimate companion for precision on the move. 

Calibration with Seamless Connectivity

Experience calibration without boundaries using the G1's network connectivity options. The G1 communicates with Calman over your local network with Wi-Fi or WLAN and is automatically found. This flexibility ensures that you can calibrate with ease and precision from any distance.

Comprehensive Test Patterns for Calibration

The G1 is equipped with 21 rendered test patterns designed for video signal evaluation and calibration. Begin your calibration process seamlessly with the warm-up pattern featuring a counter, ensuring your display is perfectly primed.

Worried about static burn-in? Fear not – the G1's screensaver pattern activates after a duration, offering a safeguard against potential static image retention. 

Precise RGB and YCbCR Output Options

Confidence in your output is paramount. The G1 provides RGB output options in both full and narrow ranges, allowing you to trust the accuracy of your video signal during calibrations. Our built-in patterns are meticulously crafted, ensuring bit-level correctness. With G1, you can calibrate with peace of mind, knowing that your video signal accuracy is in expert hands.