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Calman for Home

Hollywood Color at Your Fingertips 

Enhanced Home Viewing Experience

When investing in a display, you expect to receive the best picture quality possible. Calman for Home allows you to turn your home theater into a true Hollywood experience by providing endless optimization, efficiency options, and customization. With simplified UI and compatibility with 3rd party 3D LUT hardware, enhanced color is possible with most major television brands.

With Portrait Displays’ affordable calibration solution, you can calibrate your TV and enjoy your viewing experience with the confidence that your entire home entertainment set-up is consistent and calibrated to the latest display standards. The process is made even easier and more precise with Portrait Displays state-of-the-art Auto Calibration solution, AutoCal™. 

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Calman’s Auto Calibration feature, or AutoCal™, is designed to produce precise results in less time than it takes to manually calibrate a display.

AutoCal is accessible through the Calman software and very simple to use. Since most of the workflow process is automated, the user has very few adjustments to make along the way, resulting in more consistent and reliable results.

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Aurora Color Engine

The Aurora Color Engine is an advanced technology from Portrait Displays that has been built from the ground up by implementing the latest in color science research. It uses next generation Unity Grayscale technology for 3D neutral spline bypass when using a 1D or 3D LUT for calibration. This new 3D LUT technology reduces or eliminates posterization and banding, improves the MatrixLUT formula for calibration, and adds 13pt fixed grid options for patch sets with additional support.