Dolby’s Shane Ruggieri Talks HDR

Color is a crucial component in the storytelling process. It sets the mood, conveys emotions, and guides the audience’s eyes to what the filmmaker wants them to see. That’s where Shane comes in…


Shane Ruggieri, Dolby Laboratories’ Advanced Imaging Systems Creative Lead and experienced colorist who’s known for his work with well-known artists and production houses, joins us on our first-ever episode of Creators in Motion where we talk about everything related to color in the film universe. 


This episode focuses on Ruggieri’s path to finding his voice and purpose in the industry through color. Ruggieri provides detailed insight on the power of color grading and the importance it contributes to the overall tone of the film. Additionally, he takes a deep dive into High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, which has made him an extremely valuable asset in the color transformation world. 



“The creative potential in the color editing world is limitless, with new color technology, filmmakers are able to demonstrate so many new creative ways to express the mood of their films,” explains Ruggieri.


Ruggieri’s approach to color grading isn’t just technical, as he prioritizes the story, eye trace, emotion, and intimacy. He understands that every story has its unique tone, and the color must match that tone to make the story come alive. He uses color to guide the audience’s attention, and his work has helped to tell countless stories across various mediums.


“Much of my job at Dolby is around designing and developing tools which enable the future of storytelling in Dolby,” Ruggieri shares. “Besides designing the tools… being a bridge between the technical side and the artistic side… making sure that voice of the creative is taken into account as we develop or move towards developing new technologies.”


To learn more about Ruggieri’s experience in the color editing space, watch his interview on Creators in Motion by Portrait Displays.