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Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus

Required Software Version

  • Calman Version 5.12.3 or newer
  • No external drivers are needed; the meter is configured as a Windows HID device.

Important: Calman does not require the installation of any additional software. First and Third-party software that captures the meter can prevent other software from connecting to the meter. If you have installed the other applications that connect to the meter, you may need to uninstall it before connecting Calman to the ColorChecker Display Plus.

Meter Diffuser

The ColorChecker Display Plus includes an attached white disk diffuser for use when taking ambient light measurements or measuring direct light sources such as a projector in direct view mode. In all other modes, the diffuser is not used. The diffuser pops slightly away from the meter body and swings away from the lens.

Meter Positioning

Flat Panels and Rear-Projectors

The ColorChecker Display Plus should be positioned with the face of the meter squarely in contact with the center of a flat panel or rear projector screen, to block ambient light. The cable counterweight can be draped over the top of the display to facilitate this.

Front Projectors

The ColorChecker Display Plus has a tripod mount for use in non-contact mode, to measure front projector screens. The ColorChecker Display Plus should be placed about three feet (1 meter) back from the screen.


Calman Connection Procedure

  1. Plug the ColorChecker Display Plus into a USB port. The built-in Windows HID driver will be installed automatically.
  2. On the Meter Settings page, click Find Meter.
  3. On the Find Meters popup dialog:
    1. Leave Com Port set to default.
    2. Select “All meters not listed below”
    3. Click Search.


Meter Mode (Target Display Type)

Select the Meter Mode that corresponds to the display backlight/pixel technology that you wish to measure or calibrate.

  • LCD (CCFL)
  • LCD (CCFL Wide Gamut)
  • LCD (LED)
  • LCD (LED Blue Green)
  • CRT
  • OLED (RGB)
  • OLED (White)
  • Plasma
  • Rear Projector (CRT)
  • Rear Projector (UHP)
  • Front Projector (CRT)
  • Front Projector (UHP)
  • Raw XYZ
  • Ambient Light – diffuser


Sync Mode

The Sync Mode is preset to the mode that usually works best for each different display technology. If meter readings are unstable, try the other settings. (Also, try the Source Delay Optimize.)

  • Off
  • On
  • Auto


Low Light Handler

When enabled, the low light handler averages multiple meter samples per measurement, when measuring light levels below the specified Low Light Trigger level.

Note: For better low light accuracy on many consumer TVs, the following Low Light Handler options are recommended:

  • Low Light Handler: Enabled
  • Low Light Mode: 4 or 5 Seconds
  • Low Light Trigger: 1 cd/m2