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Calman Connection to MobileForge

To connect Calman to control the MobileForge Pattern Generator:

  1. Connect the Calman computer to the same local network to which the mobile device is connected. The first three sections of IP addresses on the same local network will be the same (e.g. and
  2. In Calman, on the Source Settings tab, under Find Source (Figure 2), select SpectraCal– MobileForge Pattern Generator (Ethernet @2150)
  3. Select the mobile device listing with the IP address that you noted on the MobileForge opening screen. If there is no device listed with that expected IP address, enter the expected MobileForge address in the IP Address box.
  4. Click Connect on the Find Source dialog.
  5. On the Source Settings tab (Figure 3), under Window Size, select the desired test pattern window type and size

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