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Custom Patch Sets in Calman

This guide contains the specification for generating a custom patch set for calibration with the Aurora Color Engine. Patch set requirements are defined in such a way to ensure that the Aurora Color Engine contains the minimum amount of data it needs to complete a calibration without issue but do not guarantee that a high-quality calibration will be produced for a given device.

Two types of custom patch sets can be created:

  1. Custom ramp-based patch sets
    • Simulates Lightning LUT operations
  2. Custom sparse patch sets
    • Simulates a Fixed Grid operation

Patch Set Definitions

Custom patch set files are CSV files that contain specific definitions that allow Calman to generate a measurement data file to be used for calibration. These files can be created in a spreadsheet program like Excel, so long as they follow the format of a provided template (Figures 1 and 2 below)

If a spreadsheet program is used, caution must be made to ensure that there are no additional empty columns/rows, as this will affect the parsing of color definition data. A list of supported definitions can be found in Table 1 below.

RGB triplets will be generated for calibration based on the target calibration definition. At this time, all RGB triplets will be defined as 8-bit triplets. Calman will take care of any conversion between full and limited range values.

Ramp Patch Set Minimum Requirements

  1. Patch sets MUST include the minimum signal value and peak signal value.
    • NOTE: Calman is responsible for generating the RGBW ramps based on single value ramp data

Sparse Patch Set Minimum Requirements

  1. Patch sets MUST include peak primaries, peak secondaries, peak white, and absolute black.
  2. Patch sets MUST have at least 1 measurement within the primary/secondary luminance and saturation ramps that is not the min or peak value.
    1. Ramp Descriptions
      1. Black to Red (red ramp)
      2. Black to Green (green ramp)
      3. Black to Blue (blue ramp)
      4. Red to Yellow (Peak Red, Green Ramp)
      5. Red to Magenta (Peak Red, Blue Ramp)Green to Yellow (Peak Green, Red Ramp)
      6. Green to Cyan (Peak Green, Blue Ramp)
      7. Blue to Cyan (Peak Blue, Green Ramp)
      8. Blue to Magenta (Peak Blue, Red Ramp)
      9. Cyan to White (Peak Cyan, Red Ramp)
      10. Magenta to White (Peak Magenta, Green Ramp)
      11. Yellow to White (Peak Yellow, Blue Ramp)
      12. White ramp
      13. Cyan ramp
      14. Magenta ramp
      15. Yellow ramp

To import a custom patch set to Calman…

  1. Connect to a supported display.
    • The display must support the Aurora Color Engine as well as the custom patch set feature.
  2. Proceed through all calibration steps leading up to 3D LUT color gamut calibration.
  3. On Calman’s 3D LUT/Color Gamut calibration page, click the AutoCal button in the bottom-right
  4. In the 3D LUT AutoCal dialog, click the Import Patchset (csv) button shown below, and choose the patch set CSV you created using the specifications above in the file browser.
  5. Now, when clicking OK to begin AutoCal, the custom patch set will be used.