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How to Retarget a 3D LUT

Create a corrective 3D LUT from a previously saved LUT file with Calman

The LUT Retargeting™ feature in Calman 5.4 and later allows users to create a 3D LUT for a new colorspace standard from a previously created LUT file. This feature is perfect for those who need multiple calibration profiles per monitor, for instance, if you are working in both Rec.709 and DCI/P3 color standards.

  1. Open Calman and navigate to any workflow
  2. Under the Display Control Tab, click Find Display.
  3. In the Find Display window, select SpectraCal as the manufacturer and SpectraCal – Cube Generator as the model. Click Connect. The small indicator bar on the left side of the Display Control Tab will turn green once connected.
  4. Under the Display Control Tab, click Retarget LUT from Profile
  5. Select a LUT profile from a previous calibration and click Open. LUT files by default are stored under C:DocumentsSpectraCalCalman {Version Name}LUTs.
  6. In the Import 3D LUT window, select your preferred file format, cube size, bit depth, file path, colorspace target and gamma formula for the new 3D LUT, then click OK.
  7. The Display Update in Progress window will automatically close once the LUT Retargeting is completed. Unless a different file path was selected, the new 3D LUT file will be stored under C:DocumentsSpectraCalCalman {Version Name}LUTs.

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