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Portrait Displays G1 – Quick Start Guide

What’s included:

  • Portrait Displays G1
  • USB-C cable

  1. Power on the G1 using the provided USB-C cable connected to a 5V 2A power source
    • e.g. through a USB-C port on your computer. Power adapter not included
  2. Connect an HDMI cable to a display for video output
  3. Attach a LAN cable connected to your router to the G1 for local communication with Calman
    • For local communication through Wi-Fi, follow the instructions to configure the network config file by scanning the QR code to the left Note: the G1 cannot connect to a system running Calman over serial
    • For details see: Portrait Displays G1 – Network Setup
  4. Launch Calman
  5. Click on Find Source from the Meter tab or Calman Workflow
  6. Select Portrait Displays
  7. Select G1
  8. Type in the IP address as shown on the video output of the G1
  9. Click OK – Calman will detect the G1 and confirm that the generator is connected.
    • When successful the alignment pattern will be rendered and Calman will display the G1 in the Source tab with a green light.
  10. You are now connected to your G1 and ready to proceed

Note: When the device is connected and there is no activity the G1 will render a screensaver pattern. This is expected behavior to keep the device alive during the Calman session and to prevent burn-in of some display technologies.

Important: If you reboot the G1 while connected to the device in Calman you need to re-initiate the connection: Using Calman, disconnect and reconnect the device from the source tab.


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