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Calman not displaying available Workflows and Reports when installed on a multi-user system

In some scenarios, Calman may not display installed Workflows and Reports in the Calman menu. This is usually caused by the user logged into Windows and running Calman being different than the user that installed Calman, such as a corporate Administrator.

Calman installs some data into the user-specific documents folder of the user that initially installed Calman. If another Windows user opens Calman, they may find that no workflows or reports are shown in the Calman menu as shown in the screenshot below

There are a few solutions to this issue.


  • Use the Browse… option in the Calman Menu and navigate to the Documents folder of the user who installed Calman. (DocumentsSpectraCal orDocumentsPortrait Displays)


  • Copy the complete DocumentsPortrait Displays orDocumentsSpectraCal  folder from the documents folder they were installed too, to the current user’s documents folder


  • Reinstall Calman from the current user. This may not be an option for some corporately managed computers.


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