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Calman Installation Guide

An overview on installing Calman on your Windows PC

The software installation for Calman (since version 5.3.1) automatically handles the installation of Microsoft .NET Framework and the USB drivers for meters and source hardware.

Following are the hardware requirements to run Calman, plus download and installation information. In most cases, you will simply download the Calman installation file and run it to install Calman, to be ready to begin calibration measurements. In the event that you have difficulty, however, there is an installation troubleshooting section below.

Calman Hardware Requirements

Requirements (Minimum)
  • Windows Vista (Calman 5.3.1 and newer)
  • 2 Ghz Processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6 or higher
Requirements (Recommended)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • 2 Ghz Dual-Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 is automatically installed with Calman, if there is a network connection. If version 4.6 is not installed, use the link here to install it.
  • The latest video adapter device driver from the video chipset manufacturer should be installed on the computer running Calman 5. Drivers that are more than a couple of months old may cause some graphics to appear in the wrong place, missing graphics, or reduced performance.

Windows Update does not install the latest video drivers; you must manually install the manufacturer’s updates. Following are links for the popular chipset manufacturers:

Mac Calibration Host

A Mac computer can be the host calibration computer, running Calman under Windows, using Bootcamp or VMware Fusion. Due to occasional USB driver issues with Parallels, we do not recommend Parallels at this time.

Calman Software Install

To automatically install the current version of Microsoft .NET Framework during the Calman installation process (not required for Windows 10), you need to have a network connection that is capable of accessing

If you run the Calman installation without a network connection, you will then need to manually install Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6 or later.

Calman Install Troubleshooting

Device Drivers

The Calman installer also installs USB drivers for the USB devices supported by Calman. However, if you have difficulty connecting a USB meter or source device to Calman, or, if you are connecting to a serial device, including a USB to serial adapter, you should install the Calman Device Driver Kit.

After you have installed the Device Driver Kit, reconnect the device with which you were having difficulty.

Microsoft .NET Framework

If the Calman computer was network connected at the time of the Calman software installation, Microsoft .NET Framework v4.6 was also installed at that time.

If for some reason, .NET Framework v4.6 or later is not installed, Calman may fail to load or run properly. Check under Control Panel / Programs and Features for the installed version of Microsoft .NET Framework.

Video Adapter Device Driver

If the latest video adapter device driver from the video chipset manufacturer is not installed on the Calman 5 computer, some graphics may appear in the wrong place, some graphics may be missing, or the computer may suffer reduced performance.

Windows Update does not install the latest video drivers; you must manually install the manufacturer’s updates. Following are update links for the popular chipset manufacturers:

Network Device Connectivity

Calman connects to a number of the external software and hardware products that it supports over an IP socket Ethernet interface. When you connect Calman to one of these devices that have an IP address, be sure that there is an open network path through the specified port number. The port number that is used is specified in the Calman Source Settings or Display Settings device selection field. For example, in the VideoForge HDMI Source selection “SpectraCal – VideoForge II / HDMI (Ethernet @9022,” the port number is 9022.

If there is a firewall on either end of the communication link, either the appropriate port will need to be opened, or the firewall will need to be disabled. For example:

To open a Windows Firewall port in Windows 7:
Control Panel / Windows Firewall / Advanced Settings / Inbound Rules, or Outbound Rules / New Rule / Port / TCP / Specific remote ports:  [port #] / Allow the connection

To allow incoming connections through an active Mac firewall:
System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Firewall / Advanced / Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections

Microsoft XP Support

Because Microsoft no longer supports XP, Calman v5.3 and newer versions no longer run under Microsoft XP. Calman v5.3 and newer versions require Microsoft Vista or newer operating system.

Versions of Calman prior to v5.3 will continue to run under Microsoft XP. The latest version of Calman prior to v5.3 is version 5.2.3, which is still available from the SpectraCal Downloads page, or from the link below.

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