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Offline License Activation

If a Calman computer cannot be connected to the internet for automatic online license activation, you will need to manually activate the Calman license. You will generate a license request from the Calman computer, download a license activation file from another computer that has internet access, copy the activation file to the Calman computer, and load the activation file into Calman….

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Deactivate a Calman License

A Calman license can be transferred from one computer to another. To transfer a Calman license, you first deactivate the software license on the current Calman computer, following the license deactivation method below. You then activate the software license on a new computer installation of Calman….

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Calman License Portal

In the Calman product license email that you receive, the last section provides your personal Customer ID and Customer Password. This gives you access to the Calman license portal where you can review your contact information and information on the Calman licenses that you have purchased, including activation and deactivation status for each license….

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Calman Client3 Licensing

Each Client 3 installation needs to be licensed to be able to connect to Calman for display control. No client license is required to use Client 3 only as a test pattern source. Client 3 licenses are authorized and dispensed through Calman the first time that Calman connects to an unlicensed Client 3 installation for display control….

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Activating a Calman License

After you have installed Calman software on the desired computer, you will need to activate the software on that computer with a Portrait-supplied License ID and License Password. A License ID and License Password will activate Calman software for use on only one computer….

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About Calman All Access

Initial purchases of Calman include free software updates and technical support for one year.  At the end of that year, you can renew your All Access for Calman to continue to receive the latest Calman updates and continued technical support….

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