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Offline License Activation

How to activate a Calman license, when the destination computer does not have an internet connection

If a Calman computer cannot be connected to the internet for automatic online license activation, you will need to manually activate the Calman license. You will generate a license request from the Calman computer, download a license activation file from another computer that has internet access, copy the activation file to the Calman computer, and load the activation file into Calman.

  1. On the Calman computer that requires license activation, open the Calman main menu and select Licensing
  2. On the License dialog, enter your License ID and License Password.
    Note: The License Password is case sensitive.
  3. Click the Generate Request button.
  4. Calman will generate a file named Request.html and open a “Save Offline Activation Request” dialog.
  5. Specify a convenient location to save the file on the Calman computer.
  6. Then, copy the Request.html file to any other computer that has internet access (e.g. using a flash drive).
    IMPORTANT: Calman needs to remain open from the time the Request file is generated until the Response activation file is loaded into Calman.
  7. On the computer with internet access, open the Request.html file. A webpage will open in your default browser
  8. Select Download and save the resulting Response.xml file to a convenient location.
  9. Then, copy the Response.xml file back to the Calman computer that generated the Request file.
  10. On the License dialog, select Load Response.
  11. On the Load Offline Activation Response dialog that opens, navigate to the Response.xml file that you copied from the computer with internet access and Open the file.
  12. The Calman license is now activated. The green text in the Existing Licenses section will list the Calman license name.