Calman 2019 R3 Color Calibration Software Available Now

This marks the third release of Calman 2019 which includes updates to supported hardware, new C6HDR2000 colorimeter EDRs, calibration workflows, report updates, and continued 3D LUT improvements.

Calman 2019 R3 includes updates to supported hardware across every license level. Support for hardware from Colorimetry Research, Datacolor, Dell, LG, and X-Rite are included in Calman 2019 R3. Each license level of Calman 2019 R3 has been examined to ensure that supported hardware closely matches the needs for professionals and home users alike. To view supported hardware updates specific to each license level of Calman 2019 R3, click HERE and navigate to the current release notes for the software you are interested in.

Within Calman 2019 R3, the Portrait Displays C6 HDR2000 has been upgraded and now includes a multitude of new meter modes (EDRs) from leading display manufacturers. C6 HDR2000 owners will see new meter modes for Acer, ASUS, Canon, Dell, EIZO, and Flanders Scientific. These EDRs provide the most accurate measurements for these displays short of creating a custom meter profile using a reference spectroradiometer.

Calman 2019 R3 continues to push overall usability of the software with a focus on calibration data reporting. All workflows included in Calman that have reportable data are now linked to the appropriate Calman report(s). This significantly improves creating and selecting the correct report. Dynamic reports for the SDR and HDR Toolkits (Analysis section) are a new addition to Calman 2019 R3. These reports adapt based on user selections in the workflow.

Calman 2019 R3 continues to add improvements to three-dimensional look-up tables (3D LUTs) when utilized in a color calibration. A new fixed grid method (93, 173 and 213) has been added to provide an additional option when creating a 3D LUT. This new feature addresses thermal shifts in certain display technologies.

Along with the release of Calman 2019 R3, an updated version of Client3 for Windows is now available. Client3 for Windows has been updated to include HDR pattern generation for monitor validation. Also included in this update to Client3 for Windows is a new bypass mode. Client3’s bypass mode provides users the ability to measure a system exactly as it was shipped from the manufacturer. To learn more about HDR pattern generation in Client3 for Windows, click HERE.

Calman 2019 R3 and Client3 for Windows is available for download today. To purchase or learn more about Calman color calibration software, please click HERE. For existing Calman users, or to update your current version to Calman 2019 R3, please visit Portrait’s download section HERE.

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