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Calman Verified Integrated Solutions

Authenticated displays with impeccable color

A Dynamic Color Experience

Technology is constantly evolving – and Portrait Displays is here to help you keep up. We understand the immense role that color plays in entertainment and media, especially in relation to how images display on-screen.

A Calman Verified display is recognized as the fundamental solution to ensure that content is presented exactly how the creator intended. From the making of the first frame to the customer’s living room, Portrait Displays can guarantee a color accurate viewing experience time and time again.
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The Competitive Edge

Offering Calman Verified displays is an incredible opportunity for product differentiation. In the age of instant gratification, customers are seeking displays that come with all the latest features straight out of the box. By providing an authenticated color report, a Calman Verified display assures the customer that their latest purchase adheres to the recommended technical color specifications and international standards for all types of content from entertainment and gaming to content playback and photo editing.

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Getting Technical

By using Calman verification tools, Calman Verified displays are meticulously tested to fit both international video system specifications and Portrait Displays’ gamut, gamma, color temperature, brightness, and DDC/CI communication standards. Each product carries a tangible Calman Verified report in their packaging, validating that the display can be trusted to produce colors that stay true to the creators’ artistic intent.

When considering color solutions for displays and monitors, it is important to keep in mind that Pantone standards apply to print, whereas a Calman Verified integrated display will support color for media consumption.
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