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About VirtualForge

The VirtualForge pattern generator software runs on any Mac OS X or Windows workstation that, in addition to its standard graphics output adapter, also controls a video output device (i.e. AJA Video Systems or Blackmagic Design) to drive a TV video monitor (e.g. LCD/LED, OLED, plasma, projector, etc.).

The VirtualForge software is controlled by Calman to produce bit-accurate test patterns at any required triplet value, through the video output device to the video monitor, for accurate grayscale, CMS, or 3D LUT video display calibration. This allows a video monitor that is being driven through a video output adapter to be conveniently calibrated with Calman.

VirtualForge also provides specialty test patterns for visual display performance testing or for optimizing the adjustment of display Picture controls.

Mac OSX Requirements

  • MacOS 10.8.1 to 10.13 (VirtualForge may not launch in 10.14 Mojave and later, future updates will address this)
  • Intel Core® Duo processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available disk space
  • Either PCIe or Thunderbolt™ support

Windows Requirements

  • Windows® Vista™ or later with latest OS updates installed (recommended: Windows 7® or later)
  • 2 GHz processor (recommended: 2 GHz Dual Core Processor)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GB available disk space
  • Either PCIe or Thunderbolt™ support

Note: Windows running under VMware Fusion is unable to access Thunderbolt ports.

Calman Required Version

  • Version 5.5.0 or newer

AJA Video Systems Driver Requirements

  • Version 12.4.0 Hardware Driver, or newer

Blackmagic Design Driver Requirements

  • Version 10.8 Desktop Video, or newer