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Calman Action Buttons

An Overview of the Action Buttons in the bottom-right of Calman

  1. Stop All

    • Keyboard Shortcut: X
    • This will stop a meter reading, series read, and other I/O tasks
  2. Read Single

    • Keyboard Shortcut: Spacebar
    • This will take a single meter reading of the current pattern.
  3. Read Series

    • Keyboard Shortcut: S
    • The meter and generator will cycle through the patterns/dataset selected and take readings of all patterns in the series layout
  4. Read Continuous

    • Keyboard Shortcut: C
    • The meter will take continuous readings of a single selected pattern.
  5. AutoCal

    • Keyboard Shortcut: A
    • Calman will communicate with the pattern source, meter, and Display or Video Processor to auto-calibrate the display for the dataset on the current layout.
  6. Next Workflow Page

    • Keyboard Shortcut: Right-Arrow Key
    • Navigates to the previous step in the calibration process.
  7. Previous Workflow Page

    • Keyboard Shortcut: Left-Arrow Key
    • Navigates to the next step in the calibration process.