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Calman Client3 Installation

You need to install Client 3 on each computer that has a laptop screen or one or more RGB monitors that you wish to calibrate that are driven from the computer’s standard graphics adapter.

Install Calman Client 3 by downloading the installer from the Calman Downloads page to the computer that is driving the monitor(s) to be tested or calibrated. Run the installer on the target computer.

Note: If you are updating from a version of Client 3 that is older than, uninstall the existing version of Client 3 before installing the new version. To check the current version of Client 3, right-click on the Client 3 shortcut icon on the menu bar or taskbar, then select About

Client 3 System Requirements:

  • Windows System Requirements: Windows Vista or later, with latest operating system updates installed.
  • Mac System Requirements: Macintosh® OS X 10.8 to 10.13 (Client3 may not launch in 10.14 Mojave, future updates will address this)

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