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Color Management System Adjustments

Color Management System (CMS) Gamut Controls

Most displays provide color gamut controls, often called a Color Management System (CMS). Ideally, each primary and secondary color would have controls for:

  • Saturation
  • Hue
  • Intensity

Some displays have the same adjustability through using Red, Green and Blue adjustments for each Primary and Secondary.

This is called 6-axis 3D CMS.

Overall differences

Errors are measured at dE values (typically dE2000, though there are other Delta E formulas that may be used). The overall dE value gives a good impression of the amount of error in the reproduction of a given color, but does not provide much information for how to correct those issues.

Error details

Calman shows where the errors are with the RGB Balance chart and with Deltas L,C, and H (Luminance, Color, and Hue) charts.  Use the dE charts that conform to your CMS controls.

For all error charts, use the display controls and take measurements to bring the error level as close to 0 as possible. Due to interactions in the controls, adjusting one control to bring a parameter closer to 0 may make another parameter worse.