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Datacolor Spyder5 Meters

Calman can use the Datacolor Spyder5 family of meters to gather data and calibrate displays.

In order for Calman to communicate with the Spyder5 family of meters, a driver must be installed as part of the SpyderUtility installer

Steps to setup
  1. Plug Spyder5 in via USB (Windows Device Manager will show the meter but with a yellow warning symbol next to it)
  2. Download the software that corresponds to the version of Spider5 you have from this link
  3. Run in the installer. At the end of the installer, a notification from the SpyderUtility tray icon will pop up saying that the Spyder5 isn’t connected
  4. Restart your computer after the installer completes. If the computer is not restarted, the Spyder5 driver will not be loaded.
  5. Calman should now be able to connect to your Spyder5

To connect Calman to a Spyder5 meter

  1. Plug the Spyder5 into a USB port. The driver from the steps above must be installed
  2. On the Meter Settings menu, click Find Meter.
  3. On the Find Meters popup dialog:
    • Leave Com Port set to default.
    • Select “All meters not listed below”
    • Click Search.

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