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DVDO iScan Duo

The DVDO Duo processor provides controls to calibrate 11 or 21 point grayscale. It also provides controls to calibrate the standard CMS primary and secondary color points for SMPTE video level signals.

Calman Recommended Workflows

  • HT Advanced or SI Advanced to optimize panel or projector Picture controls and to calibrate Duo grayscale and CMS.

DVDO Duo Required Firmware

  • 2.30 or newer

DVDO Duo Control Connection

RS-232 port
(DB-9 female to DB-9 male straight-through RS-232 cable (pin2 to pin2, pin3 to pin3))

FTDI USB to Serial Converter

For connecting to and controlling to the DVDO with computers that do not have an RS232 port, SpectraCal recommends the FTDI USB to RS232 converter. Extensive testing has determined that FTDI converters, which include a data buffer, are the most reliable converters to use for Calman device control.

Two versions of the FTDI USB-Serial Converter are available for purchase on the following FTDI product page:

FTDI Products

FTDI Device Driver download

Calman Device Driver Pack

DVDO Duo Connection to Computer

To connect a DVDO Duo for grayscale calibration and standard CMS primary/secondary calibration:

  • Connect the DVDO Duo to the Calman computer with the specified straight-through serial cable.

Calman Connection to DVDO Duo

  1. In Calman, under Find Source, select DVDO – Duo (RS-232), then Connect.
  2. In Calman, under Find Display, select DVDO – Duo (RS-232), then Connect.
  3. On the Display Control page, set the Active Grayscale Points to either 11 or 21 points.

To equalize CMS luminance levels:

  1. On the Advanced workflow CMS Adjust page, first click the Read Series button to measure the performance of the primary and secondary colors.
  2. Click through the six primary and secondary color level select tabs to note which color has the lowest DeltaL measurement.

Click the Read Continuous button, then decrease the Duo CMS White Level control until the DeltaL measurement for that lowest color reaches the 0 point on the DeltaL chart.

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