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iPhone/iPad Fine Tune Calibration with Patterns


  • Requires iOS/iPadOS 16 or later.
  • Calman Home, Video Pro, Studio, or Ultimate required
  • Version or later.
  • Calman Supported Meter Hardware
  • iPad Pro with XDR-capable display for Fine Tune Calibration or iPad/iPhone with a standard display for verification steps only


  1. Launch Calman on your calibration PC and Patterns Mobile on your iPhone or iPad
  2. From the Calman Menu choose Open Workflow Template – Calibration – Patterns Calibration
  3. On the Welcome Screen (of workflow) select “Apple w/Fine-Tune Calibration.
    Note: Fine Tune calibration is only supported on limited hardware: 12.9-inch iPad Pro – 5th generation or later
  4. Proceed through the initial setup of the workflow, and on the Hardware Connect step choose Connect to Patterns
  5. On the connection window, the IP address of the device running Patterns should be listed in the device list, click your device and click connect.
  6. If your IP address is not listed, it can be found on your iPad or iPhone in the Patterns in-app settings menu (see below)

For Fine Tune Calibration on supported XDR capable displays (12.9-inch iPad Pro – 5th generation or later):

  1. Enter reference mode
  2. Open the Settings app, then tap Display & Brightness.
  3. Turn Reference Mode on.


  1. Proceed with workflow steps until Fine Tune Calibration. To enter Fine Tune Calibrations settings on the iOS device after measuring, use the steps below
    1. Open the Settings app, then tap Display & Brightness. Make sure that Reference Mode is on.
    2. Tap Fine-Tune Calibration.
    3. Tap the space next to each item, then enter the measured values from Calman
    4. Tap Done.


  1. Complete Verification steps in the workflow 

Conditions for iPad or iPhone that do not support Fine Tune Calibration

  • Calibration, Reference Mode and Fine Tune are not supported. Skip to the Validation steps in the workflow 

To open Patterns settings

  1. With Patterns open, swipe up anywhere on the the home screen
  2. Tap the gear icon at the top right of window
  3. Here you will see your Patterns  bit depth settings, your device’s current IP address, and the version number of your current version of Patterns.