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Panasonic LFV Series

Calman automatically calibrates the Panasonic LFV series display. The display can be calibrated with individual picture menu controls and RGB Gain controls.

Calman Recommended Workflows

  • Display Matching workflow to match a number of video wall displays to each other.

Calman Required Version

  • Calman Studio
  • Calman Ultimate.

Panasonic Required Firmware

  • Any firmware version is acceptable

Panasonic Control Connection

  • SERIAL IN connector on display
  • DB9 female to DB9 female null modem RS-232 cable (pin2 – pin3, pin3 – pin2)

Panasonic Setup Process

To connect your computer to a LFV series display with a null modem serial cable:

  1. Connect a DB9 female to DB9 female null modem RS-232 cable between the display and the Calman computer (if necessary, use a USB to serial adapter).
  2. In the Panasonic display, under Menu/Advanced Option/Serial Control, select RS-232C
  3. In the Panasonic display, under Menu/Configuration2/Monitor ID, select a different ID for each panel in a video wall.

Calman Connection Procedure

To connect Calman to the Panasonic display:

  1. In Calman, under Find Display, on the Display Control panel, select “Panasonic – LFV (RS-232 @9600).”
    1. Under Serial Connection, select the computer com port that is connected to the LFV.
    2. Click Connect on the Display Connect panel.
  2. In Calman, on the Display Control panel.
    1. Under Active Grayscale Points, select Cinema for dim room viewing or High Bright for brighter room viewing.

Panasonic DDC Picture Controls

Panasonic Picture controls are available within the Calman software, allowing you to make display adjustments in the software, rather than using the display’s remote control. On those calibration workflow steps where you need to make a manual display adjustment (e.g. Brightness, Contrast, etc.), you can open the Calman DDC Control panel to make those adjustments from the Calman screen.

Panasonic Display Presets

  • Menu/Picture/Color Temperature – Select USER to access the custom RGB gain controls.
  • Menu/Picture/Gamma Selection – Select 2.4 for dim room viewing or 2.2 for brighter room viewing.

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