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Qalif Spectro

The Qalif Spectro can be used in Calman, as a colorimeter, using its internal WiFi hotspot.

Required Software Version

  • Calman v5.13.0 or higher
  • Calman Ultimate License

Note: Computer running Calman must have a WiFi connection to connect to the Qalif Spectro

Calman Connection Procedure

  1. Power on the Qalif spectro, and wait 1-2 minutes for it to fully boot and enable the wireless adapter.
  2. Connect your Calman computer to the wireless network broadcast by the Qalif hardware
    • Network ID: qs***-HotSpot
    • Network Password: oblivion
    • IP:
  3. Once connected to the Qalif HotSpot network, on the Meter Settings tab, click the Find Meter button
  4. Check the Qalif Meters (TCP/IP) option
  5. Click Search.

Note: Full spectral data will not be available within Calman, but the meter can still be used to measure display XYZ-based data .

Further Info

For further information on the operation and functionality of the Qalif Spectro, see their user guide linked below…