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Sencore Video Generator Guide

Calman Guide for the Sencore VP401/403 Series, MP500 and S802BT

The Sencore Video Generator test patterns can be automatically controlled by Calman Display Calibration Software. The generators provide test patterns for visual performance evaluation, grayscale luminance ramp calibration, color gamut (CMS) calibration, and validation measurements of white, primary, and secondary luminance ramps.

These generators do not provide RGB triplet support. Thus, these generators cannot provide test patterns for saturation sweeps, ColorChecker patterns, or 3D LUT calibration.

Calman Required Version

  • Calman version 5.6.0 or later

Sencore Generator Control Port

  • Serial (VP40x series)
    USB (MP500)

Sencore Generator Connection to Computer

  1. Connect the Sencore generator to the computer with a USB cable.
  2. Be sure that the proper device driver is installed. If necessary, run the SpectraCal Device Driver Pack from this link

Calman Connection to Sencore Generator

  1. On the Calman Source Settings tab, click Find Source
  2. On the Find Source dialog, select Sencore as the Manufacturer.
  3. Select the Model to match your Sencore generator. When using a USB to Serial adapter, select the manufacturer of the adapter, usually FTDI or Prolific.
  4. Select the Com Port assigned to the connected generator (check this in Device Manager).
  5. Click Connect on the Find Source dialog.

Calman Source Settings Tab

The Calman Source Settings tab provides Source Information and Settings for the connected Sencore Video Generator.

Window Size

Select the desired test pattern size and type from the Window Size selection box.

Note: For plasma and CRT displays, Constant APL 50 works well


Calman provides a default measurement delay time of 2 seconds to accommodate the test pattern settling time of the Sencore generator and an attached display. To optimize the delay time for a particular configuration, potentially speeding up all measurement times, click the Optimize button.

Specialty Patterns

The pattern selection field allows you to select patterns from the Sencore generator for visual display evaluation (not for electronic measurement).

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