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VirtualForge Test Patterns

The VirtualForge reference software pattern generator provides any RGB color in a full field or window pattern, as requested by Calman for display measurement and calibration (16.78 million 8-bit colors or 1.07 billion 10-bit colors).

VirtualForge also provides specialty test patterns for visual display performance testing or for optimizing the adjustment of display Picture controls (contrast, brightness, etc.). When Calman is connected to the VirtualForge software generator, these patterns are available from Calman’s specialty pattern icon

  • Basic Calibration:

    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Color and tint
    • Overscan
    • Resolution
    • Sharpness patterns
  • Advanced Calibration:

    • All grayscale patterns (1% increment, small/med/full sizes)
    • All CMS patterns (with variable stimuli)
  • 3D LUT Calibration:

    • RGB triplet patterns
    • Luminance ramp patterns
    • Saturation sweep patterns
  • ColorChecker Evaluation:

    • ColorChecker Classic patterns
    • ColorChecker SG
    • Skin tone patterns
  • Other:

    • APL and Constant APL patterns
    • Color bar patterns (75% and 100%)
    • SMPTE patterns
    • Black to white gradient patterns
    • Checker field patterns (ANSI)