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Application Preferences

An introduction to the Application Preferences panel in Calman.

  • Startup Modes
    • We default to start the software with a session start dialog that helps track data into your calibration database.  You can elect to have different start-up behavior here such as starting instead with whatever workflow was last loaded or with a specific workflow that you want to open each time you start the software.  There is a similar option for loading your preferred report.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Keyboard shortcuts can be enabled or disabled here
  • Check For Updates
    • Enables or Disables Calman’s automatic update check
  • Reconnect … on Startup
    • If enabled, Calman will automatically reconnect to previously connected hardware.
  • AutoCal Status
    • This option is to have a status window that tracks how far along we are while running AutoCal.  This is a blocking window and you will not be able to perform any other actions in Calman while it is open and running.
  • Data Formats
    • These are options of what your desired data formats are.  Showing luminance values in fL or cdm^2, showing level information in percent or bits and labeling options.

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