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Workflow Advanced Options

An introduction to the Advanced Workflow Options panel in Calman.

  • Black Level
    • We default to using a black target of 0, you can use a measured black level instead as a black target or define a preset black target that you can enter manually
  • White Level
    • By default, we use the measured luminance value at 100 as your white target level.  If you need a specific luminance value you can manually enter the target value here.
  • Environmental Offsets
    • As a general rule for calibration, it is recommended that the display is calibrated as it will be viewed, but if for some reason this is not possible there is the option to create offsets for ambient light that might affect readings
  • Design Mode
    • Design mode allows a user to create customized workflows and tailor the software to behave exactly as they desire.
    • Only available in Calman Ultimate