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Calman on Apple Mac hardware

In the past, users had the option to run Calman on Apple Mac Desktop or Portable computers using solutions like Apple BootCamp or virtualization options from VMWare and Parallels. These methods allowed users to calibrate their displays even without Windows-based PCs, though they required additional configuration and could impact Calman’s performance.

But, with the adoption of the ARM-based Apple Silicon processors used in all modern Macs (see Mac computers with Apple Silicon, via Apple) using Calman on Macs via BootCamp or virtualization is no longer feasible. BootCamp, which facilitated dual-booting between MacOS and Windows, is only compatible with Intel-based Macs. While there are Apple Silicon specific versions of VMWare Fusion and Parallels, they rely on an ARM-specific build of Windows that lacks comprehensive driver support, impacting several devices Calman interfaces with. At this time Calman must be used on Windows-based PC.

  • To calibrate Apple Silicon (or Intel) based Macs: See Patterns for Mac.
    • This method necessitates a Windows PC to run Calman but enables the calibration of displays connected to a Mac.