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Konica Minolta CS-150 Guide

The Konica Minolta CS-150 is a highly accurate tristimulus colorimeter. The CS-150 luminance and color meter allows luminance and chromaticity to be measured remotely. Calman controls the CS-150 for automated display measurement and calibration.

Calman Required Version

  • Version 5.8.2 or newer

CS-150 Connection to Computer

  1. Install the CS-150 device driver. You may need to contact Konica Minolta support to obtain this device driver.
  2. Connect the CS-150 to a computer USB port with the supplied T-A15 USB cable.
  3. Check Windows Device Manager to see that the device is working properly with Windows.

Calman Connection to CS-150

The CS-150 needs to be connected properly to Windows, as evidenced by a normal Device Manager listing before Calman will be able to connect to the CS-150.

To connect Calman to the CS-150:

  1. On the Meter Settings tab, click Find Meter.
  2. On the Find Meters popup dialog:
    1. Leave COM Port set to Auto, or, select the com port that was assigned to the meter (shown in Device Manager, under Ports (COM &LPT))
    2. Check the option box for Konica Minolta CS-150 (USB)
    3. Click Search.

Calman Meter Settings

Meter Mode

Because the CS-150 sensors have spectral responses that very closely match the human visual system CIE 1931 color-matching functions to closely correlate with visual evaluation, there are not separate meter modes for different display types.

All display types are measured using the “All Display Types” Meter mode selection on the Calman Meter Settings tab.

Meter Exposure Mode

The CS-150 provides Fast and Slow meter exposure modes, as well as an Auto mode that automatically sets the measurement integration time, according to the measured luminance. The User Mode allows you to manually select the exposure time through the CS-150 meter menu. The default Auto mode will be the best choice for most measurement situations.

These meter exposure modes can be selected under the Standard Exposure Mode option on the Calman Meter Settings tab

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