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Why Viewing Angle is Important

A meter’s viewing angle is not really something we need to be concerned about when dealing with transmissive illuminate displays, like flat-screen TVs, since the meter is typically either in direct contact with the screen or very near it….

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TopCon BM-7A and SR-3AR Setup Guide

The TopCon BM-7A colorimeter and the TopCon SR-3AR spectroradiometer can be connected to and controlled by Calman to perform display measurements….

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Meter Profiling in Calman

Meter profiling is a process for improving the accuracy of a filter-based colorimeter, for a specific display. Profiling creates a calibration profile for the colorimeter, for the display currently being measured, based on display measurement data from a reference spectrophotometer….

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Konica Minolta CS-150 Guide

The Konica Minolta CS-150 is a highly accurate tristimulus colorimeter. The CS-150 luminance and color meter allows luminance and chromaticity to be measured remotely. Calman controls the CS-150 for automated display measurement and calibration….

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